Yamdrok Lake In Tibet

When we were in Tibet two months ago I was concerned by the lack of snow throughout the country. For a place that is SUPPOSE to be a land of snow capped mountains there was very little snow and the country looked as dry as Arizona. It makes me wonder how this will effect the many sacred lakes in the country. Yamdrok is one of these mystical/sacred places.

Yamdrok Lake is one of the three largest fresh water sacred lakes in Tibet. It is said that lake came about by the transformation of a goddess. Lakes and mountains in this nation are believed to be the dwelling places of deities that protect individuals and as such they are given spiritual powers too. People make pilgrimages to these holy lakes and mountains to pray and receive good karma from them and the gods that inhabit them. Tibetans believe that if this lake runs dry it Tibet will cease to exist because it will no longer be habitable. Given that the glacier above the lake has receded at such an alarming rate and that there is very little snow in the area it is likely that this may come about.

While we were there we walked down to the lake and on the way visited with this magnificent Tibetan Mastiff. He was regal and gentle as a lamb. Back in the day his job was to guard and protect the sheep from wolves, leopards and other large wold predators and in some places you can still find them roaming the Himalayans with their herds.


Once we reached the lake Dave took his newly acquired necklace and immersed it in it’s sparkling cold sacred waters for good luck. I don’t know if it worked but I can tell you that no harm has befallen us since. You can make your own conclusions about that.DSC01621