Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens-Maui, Hawaii

Nestled in the Iao Valley on the island of Maui is a park dedicated to the native people of this Polynesian island and the immigrants who settled within her arms. It is a peaceful hamlet of lush tropical plants contained within the memorial gardens and traditional homes/buildings of the Koreans, Portuguese, Chinese, New Englanders, Japanese and native Hawaiians.


This beautiful park was established in 1952 and within you will find such items as a New England Salt Box, a Hawaiian grass hut, a beautiful Chinese moon gate and many other treasures as diverse as the people who settled here.


You will also find small waterfalls and ponds that are fed by the Iao stream which meanders through this county park. ┬áThis is the perfect place to picnic, cook a few burgers and just chill out from the “stress” of a Hawaiian vacation. While not maintained to the high caliber you would expect of such a unique and national treasure, nevertheless it is a place to relax and learn a little more about the peoples who grew this island to what it is today. Hopefully in the near future Maui will step up and give this park the attention and showcase it deserves.