Empros Thermi At Kos Greece

Sometimes you go to a place and you know without a doubt that it is so special that you will remember it until your dying breath. The Thermals at Kos is one of those places.

Our adventure started in the late evening when we arrived back at our hotel.The owner, Marietta, pulled me aside and in a hushed voice said, “Tonight is the perfect night. You absolutely must go here.”

I was immediately curious. Marietta produced a map and circled a spot that said Empros Thermi. She explained while packed with tourists during the day at night it was of the most relaxing and quiet places on the island. This was the place to be on a night  that was pregnant with a full moon.

We started out a dusk. Silvery rays skipped across the sea as the moon rose high towards the sky. We parked behind a small tavern and began a long, steep descent towards the coast. This trek is not for the faint of heart. If you are not in good health I would recommend going during the day as there are donkeys that can be rented to take you up and down the mountain.

Empros Thermi  are natural volcanic hot springs that emanate from deep within the sea bed. Surrounded by a circular outcropping of rocks that protects the springs from the Agean, we slowly made our way into the water. Sure it was a little smelly but it was a minor inconvenience  as we felt the alternating currents of hot, warm and cold envelope us while languages from every part of the world whispered into the moonlit night.

As I floated there with my daughter while staring out into the mass of stars I recognized this for what it was; one of those rare, sweet, once-in-a-lifetime moments and I whispered to her,” You will remember this evening for the rest of your life and you will tell your children and your grandchildren about the magic that you felt while you were here. Keep this close to your heart where it is meant to be treasured.”

That is just how special that night was and is how amazing it remains to this day.

Empros Thermi is free unless you want to ride the donkeys down and back during the day. Because the Thermi have a rocky bottom bring water shoes.