About Me

Travel is like a dream. It opens you to possibilities that have never existed to you before and realities that change your perception of yourself and the world. Travel frees you from your own confines and allows you to understand more about the people who surround you everyday of your life. Travel opens doors, travel teaches, and travel brings you closer to those you love. There is nothing about travel that is prohibitive except its high cost.

In this blog I will give you ideas about where to travel, when to go and how to save money so that you can visit more places and have a better time while doing it. I will give you the secrets to unlock your wallet and your world so that you can take off on your own adventures while creating memories that will last a life time.

I am lucky. I had parents who liked to travel and saw the value in it. Off we would head in our blue Rambler station wagon to places near and far. When I left home my curiosity grew and I too began to search for places that were interesting, fun and cheap. To date I have visited all 50 states and cl0se to 50 countries. I honeymooned throughout Europe and have traveled throughout many places in Asia. South America has beckoned and Scandinavia has called.

Traveling cheap is about as intoxicating as good sex. Nothing beats a good traveling deal. I will go to my grave still giddy about the time I scored two tickets from Minneapolis to Stockholm with a free stopever in Iceland for $348 for the pair! yep, traveling on the cheap can still be done.

So follow me while I take you on some adventures, show you how to travel with children, and explore ways to make travel fun, cheap, and exciting. Lets go…

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