Sometimes Pictures Say It All-Sierra Mountains of California

California has been hit with a massive drought for many years. Dry reservoirs, dry creek beds and my dry dead lawn are just a few of the things that were immediately apparent last year. Less so were the towns whose wells had run dry so people were having to truck in water for basic needs. Huge sinkholes began appearing due to the disappearing underground aquifers. Entire lakes almost vanished.

Where I live we depend on the snow pack of the Sierra Mountains to supply us with water year round. Water for trees, fruits and vegetables, human beings and swimming pools. We live in the high desert but grow food to feed the world. It is insane.

Last year the snowpack  was 5% of normal. About 20% the year before.  Nothing grew except the massive fire danger from the dead and dying trees. This year the snowpack was 90% of normal…a huge improvement and everyone is smiling again. For now. Because usually after an El Nino we are followed by years of further drought. We can only hope it doesn’t play out this way next winter.

Today I thought I would share pictures we took while up hiking in the mountains today where wild flowers are growing in huge swaths of bouquets over entire mountainsides. It’s a place where the sound of water is once again pounding down the ravines… LOUD, crisp, and clear. And its where the bears are disappearing (hopefully) up into the back country where they belong. Because in these parts, where bears break into cabins and destroy everything in site including the entire building; bears are referred to as giant rats and some folk shoot them for doing what they do best…getting in to everything and everywhere.

So today I hope you enjoy these pictures of my part of the country.


Henderson’s Shooting Stars

Red flowers-unsure of name     California Poppies and Lupine


A Brain Mushroom

Ancient Native American site


Tree visited by too many woodpeckers


Yep, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. Thank goodness for the snows of the winter!




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