Trainland USA-Colfax, Iowa


If you are a train aficionado then this is the place for you. Set out in back hills of Iowa this is one man’s model train dreamland and after your visit it will be yours too.


In 1964, Red Atwood began collecting Lionel O gauge trains and like most hobbies it took on a life of its own. Soon Atwood was building a new home to house his Lionels and then he decided to create one of the world’s largest model railroads museums in order to display them. And display them he does. Using various backdrops visitors can see the progression of the railroads across the USA using steam, diesel and frontier trains. And with over 60 interactive buttons to push and operate different displays the kids (and adults alike) load freight cars, turn ferris wheels, make broncos buck and take the trains down steep passes. Along the way you can “see” Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty and The White House and over 4,000 ft. of track. This place is amazing!!!


Along with the museum there are several old train cars set up as shops where you can purchase old Lionels and the necessary supplies until your heart is content.

Trainland gets a five star rating (out of 5) from this family. With so many things to see, touch and explore our original “lets stop for a 1/2 hour” turned out to last much longer than we originally anticipated. Sure it’s a short drive off the freeway but it is worth it!

FYI there is a small entrance fee to help with the upkeep of the 25,000 ft of wire, 600 lights and 120 automatic switches. It’s a small price to pay for such an educational and entertaining museum.

Trainland USA

Colfax, Iowa

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